Let Little Did Productions perform for YOU!


Little Did is a collective of college-educated theater artists with training in puppetry, design, music, technology and world studies. In our in-class workshops, Little Did are role models who show how skills that your students are already familiar with can transform simple objects into characters that are beautiful and alive. Whether performance-based or interactive, Little Did is experienced and ready to provide students of all ages with a lesson in puppetry and theater that they won’t soon forget.

DPP_0255“Little Did Productions came to our classroom recently and put on a wonderful workshop on puppets. Our pre-k class at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School was beginning a project-based study of puppets. Luke, Jessica and Sara Jane were so prepared and knowledgeable about the many different types of puppets. They shared marionette, rod, stick and shadow puppets as well as how they were made and how each puppet was used by the puppeteer. The children were delighted with each little performance! They came prepared for each child to make their own puppet and gave the children an opportunity to put on a little show of their own. We were thrilled with this workshop. Little Did’s love of their craft really shown through.”

~Lee Teschner, Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School


Below are some examples of the kinds of workshops that we offer, but don’t hesitate to contact us at to develop something that will work for your students! We’ve also performed at birthday parties and weddings!

Puppetry Styles Workshop and Performance


Little Did Productions is dedicated to creating and redefining kid-friendly, puppet-based theater. In this educational workshop we will be exploring different types of puppetry through presentation, performance, and hands on components. Little Did will bring examples of marionettes, hand puppets, rod puppets, and shadow puppets, made by us or from around the world. Our marionettes as well as our hand puppets will be introduced and then demonstrated through performance with live, original music from our shows. These puppets are kid-appropriate and can be held by the students. Our rod puppet is a Rooster that requires multiple puppeteers in the Japanese bunraku style. While we demonstrate teamwork in manipulating a two person puppet, young students love to meet and interact with Rooster. Little Did has had a long history with shadow puppetry and we have several press-screen shadow puppets that we can show–as well as instruct the children how to make simple shadow puppets with their hands. For the end of our workshop, the kids will build their own shadow puppets out of card stock and try their work on our screen (with our supervision, of course). The workshop will be interactive, educational, and professional.

Venue Requirements:
Must be able to lower lights.
Easy access to three-pronged power outlets
Little Did will provide all necessary puppet building materials.

Fee: For one workshop (materials included): $600

Traveling Company: 3 performers

Other costs (exclusive of fee): Round trip taxi for puppet transportation

Running Time: 1 hour

DPP_0065“Little Did Productions did a spectacular job of not only creating an amazing hands-on puppetry workshop at our school, but also engaged a broad spectrum of kids in a cross-section of our special education and gifted classes! The puppeteers were both playful and professional, a rare combination, and immediately captured our kids’ imaginations with a live puppetry display that included marionettes as well as shadow and hand puppets. We transitioned quickly and easily toward making our own paper bag puppets with Little Did’s caring and attentive guidance, so that every child had their own puppet with which to create their own shows and further spur their creativity. Little Did Productions left teachers and students alike with a positive and rewarding experience, and we are so grateful to have had them at our school!”

~Lee Hollman, PS 153



Puppet Creation and Manipulation Workshop


Little Did Productions is dedicated to creating and redefining kid-friendly, puppet-based theater. In this interactive workshop we will be exploring basic puppet construction and puppet manipulation through hands on learning. The workshop begins with physical theater warm ups to engage the students and get their bodies moving. After separating the students into groups of three, we will lead them in working together to create their own newspaper and masking tape puppet. After their puppet is finished, the students will learn about basic puppet manipulation and how three people must work together to bring one puppet to life. Once each group is comfortable moving their own puppet, the workshop culminates in the groups of three interacting with each other figuring out how to get their puppets to high five, dance, etc. They must utilize teamwork, focus, patience, and problem solving skills. The workshop will be interactive, educational, and professional.

Suggested Age:

Venue Requirements:
Space for the amount of students in workshop to easily move around
Little Did will provide all necessary puppet building materials.

Fee: For one workshop (materials included): $600

Traveling Company: 2

Running Time: 1 hour


“Little Did Productions approach their puppet shows with great innovation and enthusiasm which instantaneously captivates the eyes, ears, and hearts of the children they are performing for. In addition to utilizing a wide variety of colorful (and many hand-made) puppets and musical instruments, Little Did Productions make the students feel at ease and engage freely and patiently with them, allowing them to become an integral, active part of the plays as well.”

~Natalie Kirch, Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School